Hackers & Founders

Hackers & Founders is a national community of developers and startup founders looking to contribute, connect and support one another in their product and entrepreneurial efforts. This page is a dedicated resource for meetups (special events), event attendees and organizations as well as individuals looking to support the community. For real-time updates, please follow Hackers & Founders on Twitter: http://twitter.com/hackersfounders

New York City Chapter

A little over six years ago, I discovered a small but thriving community of developers and startup founders in New York City. Each week, we got together over beer and burgers at the local burger shop (our favorite, still, is Shake Shack in Madison Square Park). The group served as New York’s support system for hackers and founders looking for feedback, thoughts and help with their latest products. Since that time, the group - now called Hackers & Founders - is a leading force of 6,000+ members within the NYC development and startup community.

Our meetups are held the last Thursday of the month, from 6-8 PM. Updates for the meetup location will be posted to Twitter prior to the event and invitations shared via Anyvite. For special events and presentations, announcements will also be made via Twitter.

Meetup Sponsors

Anyvite Logo

Since the first meetup, we’re proud to be working with Anyvite - the easiest way to create, manage and share events with the world. With awesome customer support, easy-to-use event management tools like discussion groups and photo tracking after the event, Anyvite is the best service available for event management.

Nathan Hurst has been an early supporter of Hackers & Founders since we started nearly two years ago, so I’m excited to welcome his company Hirelite to the community. As one of the most efficient hiring platforms for developers, Hirelite is a valuable resource that connects companies and developers during 5 minute video interviews.

Long time member, Chris Kennedy, recently released a powerful yet simple tool to to track your personal milestones and “wins” called Status Chart. You can see Kennedy’s progress on his own product, in the true sense, of eating his own dog food. We’d highly recommend checking it out and signing up for the initial beta.

Sponsorship Interest

Outside of our monthly meetups, Hackers & Founders also hosts special events with the community where sponsors have the opportunity to connect with the group. During late 2010, we live-streamed the first-ever forum around “Demystifying PR” for your startup. Broadcasted throughout the country, the panel showcased an inside look to the strategies on telling a product’s story and getting the world’s attention. Watch the recorded webcast on Vimeo.

If you’re interested in sponsoring an event, helping out with food and drink or would like to discuss other ways how you can contribute to Hackers & Founders, please fill out this short form. We’ll get back you shortly.