Many thanks to Erin Byrne and the others who drive the point home of “Data, Insights and Ideas” across all areas of my work. These ideas stem from the tenets of Digital in Action. This geeked-out tumbler goes out to you.

I recently led Travelzoo’s (NASDAQ: TZOO) overall mobile and social product and commercialization strategy. Previously, I founded Scoop St. (acquired by BuyWithMe, Inc. in August 2011) here in New York City. It’s a new way to shop in the social web via the power of group buying. Scoop St. launched in October 2009 with offers at small businesses followed soon after by custom packages we create called Experiences. Featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine, the company was named one of the “Top 11 Startups to Watch in New York” by The Next Web.

For more information about my passions/interests, follow me on Twitter (where I share learnings as an entrepreneur), Facebook or LinkedIn as well as a thesis I wrote while at Georgetown University, “Virtual Interactive Communication: A Bicultural Survey Through The Lens of Web 2.0

Also, I find this “about” text from Anthony apropos to my consolidation game:

"While I love blogging, I kinda suck at doing the whole personal blog thing. But I really like micro-blogging not really work stuff with tools like Tumblr and Twitter. Less is totally more. They are easy (I’m lazy), bit more fun (OMG which will I choose - video, photo, quote, chat, link or text), way more tidy (I’m the most unorganised person in the world), feels a bit more temporary/disposable (I have the attention span of a cat) and it is 3 times cooler than Facebook right now (probably isn’t). So welcome to Everything on the Internet is true, my tumblelog. Best, Anthony.”

Updated: December 2013.