Two Taps to Continued Merchant Happiness

"How big is your audience? They aren’t coupon clippers, right? I want to make sure that when I run a deal, we get repeat customers." These were the common merchant questions as we were building Scoop St. from 2008 throughout 2011. Merchants, as the local deals market began to mature and expand throughout New York City, were quick to realize that not all operators were created equal with differing services and products.

As I wrote in 2011, most companies in the space focused on the “top of the funnel” acquisition curve - spending capital on acquiring consumer audiences to consume deals - rather than the post-purchase funnel. Later on, new merchant services and data companies started to take off as the value of knowing who your customers were (think age, spending habits, location to small business, etc.) became almost necessary in order to run a repeat offer with the merchant - if, at all, the first offer was successful (which was relative to each small business that ran on Scoop St.).

Prior to Scoop St.’s acquisition, I had some ideas as to where movement would occur in this space, foreshadowing that “merchant management” couldn’t be an additional benefit when asking a small business to run an offer with your deal company, it had to be fully baked into the product. Not ancillary. Not an extra premium feature. It becomes a core aspect of the experience.

With mobile at Travelzoo growing a tremendous rate, it became clear that millions of subscribers were using the iPhone and Android App or mobile website to take their Travelzoo experience direct to a merchant. We’ve heard your feedback and we’ve been busy building.

Today, I’m pleased to say we’ve made the experience even better and dead-simple as we’ve introduced a whole new update to our mobile suite to make redemption as seamless, paperless and the fast as possible. When a Travelzoo subscriber purchases a Local Deal voucher on the free Travelzoo iPhone and Android App or mobile website, merchants can immediately redeem and verify the subscriber’s information in just two taps.

Travelzoo merchants and subscribers can now move fully “paperless” - with merchants never having to write down customer’s voucher information and subscribers printing vouchers at home or in the office.

Seamless mobile redemption for Local Deals is available now on the App Store (v1.8), Google Play (v1.3) and