Everyone love that question. I think they — it’s just like how can you make it as frictionless as possible and especially now that we have the Meta Display, our consumers are staying on the site longer, and they’re able to find out the price and availability. Is that the next logical step to allow them just to complete their transaction right on the site? It may be, at some point in time. We are — we really like our position as a community that’s providing the research to the consumer. We like offering them choice so that they can — they might have loyalty points at 1 OTA or 1 chain and having — cutting them quick off to complete their booking is important to them so that they can utilize those loyalty points. I also — I think, from an economic standpoint, unless TripAdvisor was to become an OTA and actually have a global sales force that goes and signs up all of the hotels and takes that piece of the transaction versus what Kayak does and white label one of the OTAs and kind of limit some of the choice. I don’t think the economics are significant and we have to weigh that against the consumer experience, which is really one of the very important and probably the most important aspect for us.

Julie M. B. Bradley - Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer and Treasurer of TripAdvisor